House Painting

All You Need to Know about the Weather before your Exterior House Painting

We all know that it is foolish to plan an exterior painting in the rainy season. But what about the other seasons? Does the weather affect the painting job? Here are the answers:

In contemporary times weather changes so often that one cannot chalk out the times of the seasons. Hence, planning an exterior painting is also not an easy task. However, it is nothing less than stupidity to hire home painters Toronto without considering the weather factor. So, how does the weather impact exterior painting? 

Extreme Colds:

Applying paints in cold weather is not easy. Some of them turn thicker in consistency, making them almost impossible to apply to the walls. Even if you manage to apply the paint, it takes too long to dry. This might cause runs, drips, or sagging in the dried paint. To avoid this, when you paint in cold weather, choose the paint especially prepared for the weather. However, in some extremely cold temperatures, the house painters may have to drop the work. 

Hot Temperature:

Most people think that hot weather is the best weather for house painting which is just a misconception. Extreme heat causes the outer layer of the paint to dry quickly while the inner of the same remain wet. This inner wet layer that adheres to the wall may cause bumps and wrinkles on the overall coating. Moreover, working in such extreme heat is not even good for the workers. 


Humidity causes variations in the ratio of the ingredients of the paint. The water vapor in the air makes the mixture thinner which it makes too long to dry. 

How to Avoid the Problems?

Consult a good renovation services provider before you begin with the project. Check the weather forecasts and plan the painting in moderate weather during the day.