Basement Renovations

Basement Bar: The Right Base for a Perfect Shot

Basements today are no more just a storage space. Thanks to improved renovation services, you can now turn your basement into anything you want: a bedroom, a kitchenette, a Playroom, or a bar. The basement is a perfect spot to have a bar. A solitary space where you can chill with your buddies, enjoying the shots. But how can we you make it possible? Here is the answer:

Clear all the cracks and leakages

Whether you are starting basement renovations or bar renovation in the basement, start them by clearing all the cracks and leaks on the walls and ceiling. This would help you cut the cost of plumbing and electrical work. Measure the area and plan what goes where. Set a budget and shop for the furniture and cabinets.  

Drop ceiling

A drop ceiling is fancy and functional simultaneously. They hide all the Plumbing and wiring work gorgeously while adding dignity to your bar.  

Insulate Against Cold

To make sure that moisture and humidity do not affect your basement, install rigid insulators on the walls with the help of a construction adhesive. This would make sure that the temperature in the basement does not get too cold.

Installing Electrical Outlets

When you install the electrical outlets, keep in mind the placement of the appliances and install them accordingly. Install the ceiling lighting only when the rest of the outlets are all done with.

What’s for walls?

Once all the electrical outlets are installed, at strategic points, hang dry walls onto all the walls. You can then go on to paint the walls of your basement bar.

Install the Fixtures and furniture

Once you think all the ceiling, walls, and flooring is done, install all the cabinets and furniture. Place the appliances in their designed places.

Once all this is done, invite your friendly buddies and enjoy a drink with them.