Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding: A crown to Your Newly Bought Home

To most people, the primary reason to have crown moldings on their ceilings is to make their homes look more upscale but that is not its only purpose. Traditionally crown moulding Toronto were installed to cover the gap where two different building materials met. It also acted as a distractor from the peeled paint and cobwebs. But as the crown moldings became more elegant over time, their decorative features became the primary need for customers.     

When you buy a house the best and cost-effective way to turn it into a lovely home is to install crown moldings. Moreover, if you plan to sell your house in the future, it adds to the resale value. 

Before You Begin.…

Before you hire a renovation contractor and start with the work, know what molding best suits your house. And make sure that the person you have hired for the work knows his job and has all the required tools. If you are planning a DIY, you can always get the tools for rent.

Painting the Crown Molding:

Painting crown molding is not an easy job. The assigned painting services for the job must have good experience in it. Painting the delicate trims might be tricky. So make sure to hire an expert house painter for the job. 

Experiment with Colors:

Most people think that crown moldings need to be white but that is not so. Even though painting crown moldings in white is in trend, it is not a compulsion. Crown molding painted in white to match the ceiling creates an illusion of height. Colored ceilings on the other hand add a decorative pop to the ceiling. However, it is not advisable if the house’s ceiling is very low. 

House is just a building until you add life into it by renovating it with your ideas, and make it your home.