Home Theatre Installation

Home Theatre Installation: How to Fix the Mistakes?

Setting up a home theatre requires specific technical knowledge, skills, and tools. But if you had chosen for DIY or hired an inexperienced home theatre installation service provider, you may need to fix the mistakes for a good home theatre experience. Read on to know how to do the Home Theatre Installation:

Seating and Screen Placement:

A professional would know the right way to arrange the screen and the seating. If your seating is too low or too high or causes body pain, you can never have a good movie experience. A seating placed too near or too far from the screen fails to provide the right visual effect. 

Right Speakers at the Right Place:

Most people choose to hide the speakers behind the furniture. But it affects the sounding arrangement in the room. To get the right sound effect in your home theatre it is important to buy the right speakers and arrange them at the right places. Ideally, there should be nine speakers in a home theatre to get the right sound effect: 5 in the front around the screen (2 left, 2 right, 1 centre), 2 on the side of the room, and 2 in the rear.

The Visuals:

To get the right visuals you must arrange your surroundings right. You may have washed out images otherwise. Your home theatre gets the right visual effect if you can eliminate all the light from your room. Installing blackout shades will ensure that less amount of light gets into the room. Using black or grey curtains also reduces the light entering from the sides. Another reason for poor image quality can be a poor-quality projector. You may need to buy a projector with a higher lumen count to get good visuals.

You can make changes and resolve the problems in your already installed home theatre. However, it would be wiser to get it right the first time by buying a renovation services to install the home theatre.