Crown Moulding

Install Crown Moulding to Make your House look Royal

To most people, the primary reason to have crown mouldings on their ceiling is that it makes your home look more upscale. So basically, it makes you look royal without owning an actual crown. Originally crown moulding is installed to cover the gap where two different building materials met. It also acted as a distractor from the peeled paint and cobwebs. Even though the original purpose still held, as the crown mouldings became more elegant over time, its decorative features became the primary need.

But does Crown Molding suit any house?

The super-wide, heavily ornate mouldings are everyone’s dream. But such mouldings work only in a traditional house with larger rooms and high ceilings. It would be an out-of-place feature if you plan to have it in a contemporary house. But if you want the crown moulding, you can get in touch with a good renovation contractor. A renovation contractor can help you blend both the traditional and modern and provide the best moulding designs for your house.

How do You Paint Crown Molding?

Painting crown molding is not a DIY job. You need skills and an understanding of what to use and how to use it. Flat paint does not have the glory of gloss paint and bold colors catch too much attention. The regular brushes cannot trace the sharper edges of the mouldings. So when you appoint painting services work on the crown mouldings make sure that they have expertise in it. 

Can Crown Molding be removed later?

Though Crown moulding Toronto in contemporary times is used for decorative needs, as explained above, it also has its functionality. Removing it is not only difficult but also expensive. As removing crown molding results in the revelation of imperfections, eventually, you might end up installing new crown moulding.