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Is Laminate Flooring Good for Your House: Pros and Cons

First introduced in the 1970s as an inexpensive substitute for real wood, laminate flooring has come a long way ever since. In 1996 we were also introduced to the glueless ones. In modern times you can get better quality laminate flooring and have the option to choose from a lot more variety of designs. But is it wiser to have it on your floor during renovation services of your house? Here is everything you need to know before you make a decision:

The Wide Variety of Designs:

The laminate flooring provides an inexpensive solution to your love for wood flooring where a stone or hardwood flooring might cost you a good amount of money. You have a lot of options in colors, textures, and sizes which provides an almost realistic feel to the flooring. 

But? Some critics opine that laminate flooring can never outgrow the natural beauty of wood and stone. 

Durable and Budget-Friendly:

Laminate flooring is very budget-friendly and it comes at half the price of wood. With a wide range of quality to choose from, prices get varied. Even though laminates cannot be refinished, the durable layer on the image layer makes the laminates highly durable by protecting them from the sun, scratches, and stains. If at all there is damage to any part of the flooring, you can always replace the individual plank. But? Repair of laminates is tricky, sometimes even impossible if the plank could not be removed. 

Easy Installation and Maintenence:

Installing Laminate flooring is easy. It needs only a few skills, hence would make a good DIY job. But if you lack the time and those skills you can always have the option to hire a flooring contractors. It is also easy to clean the laminate surface. But? The floor should be cleaned carefully; any excess water can cause stains.