Crown Moulding

Know Hows to Paint Crown Moulding

Painting crown moulding is not an easy job. You need skills and an understanding of what to use and how to use it. Painting crown molding right can make the house interior distinct and sophisticated. But there are a few things to consider before you get into the business:

Choosing the Right Paint

Crown moulding suits the best for houses with high ceilings. You can choose to paint it in dark colours. Flat paint does not have the glory of gloss paint. Remember to opt for gloss paint. You can also use bold contrasting colours for a royal look. However, if your ceiling is not very high, avoid such colours. Dark and bold colours catch too much attention. So, ask your home painters Toronto to choose the same colour as your walls for the crown moldings. This also creates an illusion of space. 

The Walls

Even if your ceilings are high, when your walls have bright colours, the bold paints on the mouldings would give an over-the-top look. However, you can balance it with white mouldings. 

Mind the Shades

The mouldings on doors and windows, along with the ceiling, increases the aesthetic appeal. But ensure that every moulding in the room is of the same shade to create a balanced look. You cannot use different shades on the door, window, and ceiling because it will not match. Get suggestions from your house painter for the right shades for your mouldings. 

Prep the Moulding Before Painting

Look for any cracks, nail holes, or dents in the moulding before you rush into painting it. Fix these imperfections if you find any with the help of a renovation contractor. Use a high-quality primer to seal the surface and when applying use it with long, even strokes.

Crown moulding Toronto gives sophistication to your house. If you have not installed it yet, get in touch with a renovation contractor and enhance the beauty of the interiors.