Office Renovation

Tips to Boost Productivity through Office Renovation

Old office space not only looks outdated but also affects the productivity of the employees. An office renovations Toronto can help boost the morale of the employees and provide a comfortable working space. A rightly renovated office optimizes the limited space and promotes good communication between the employees. Here are some tips for your office renovation:

ABW designing:

ABW (Activity Based Working) space provides an employee the opportunity to choose the kind of space he wants to work at based on the nature of his job. It provides flexibility and autonomy to the employees which leads to employee satisfaction. And that in turn provides maximum productivity.

Glass Partition:

The quality of the glass to penetrate light helps you in ensuring that your office gets the maximum amount of natural light. Frosted treatment ensures that your employee’s privacy is not interrupted. It not only helps to save power but also adds a natural touch to your office design. You can also try bringing in some plants if you like.

Acoustic panels:

Ask your renovation contractor to introduce acoustic panels to reduce echoes. This reduces noise and helps the employees to concentrate on their work. These can be installed on the ceiling and the walls. Coffered ceilings that consist grid of squares with decorative crown mouldings Toronto within each box makes a good acoustic ceiling if you are a lover of trims but also eco-conscious.

Functional Washrooms:

A well-designed and well-maintained washroom enhances staff engagement and ensures customer satisfaction. They provide a pleasant experience and impact positively on staff and customer satisfaction. 

Add Some Colour:

Traditionally the office walls are painted off-white. But you can add some fun to the office environment by introducing colours. We all know that colours affect human psychology. So painting the office walls with some pleasant colours will only add to productivity.