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Ways to manage dust and debris during Renovation

If you are planning for a home renovations Toronto, be ready to manage all the dust and debris. Because you cannot wait until the project is over to clean it. If you do so, you are risking your health. But if you do not know how it’s done, here are some tips for you:

Move the Things to Other Places

Dust and debris are inevitable in any kind of renovation services you want for your house. The best way to avoid it is just to vacate the room until the work is complete. Remove all the movable things to any other room so that dust doesn’t get accumulated on furniture, clothes, or any decorator items. It not only reduces the work of cleaning the dust from these items but also makes the floor and walls cleaning easier. You can also avoid accidental damages.

Cover the Unmovable Things

Some of the items in the room might be unmovable due to their size, function, lack of alternative space, or other reasons. You can use plastic and cover them with it. It prevents debris and dust from accumulating on it which eases the cleaning once the work is done. 

Cover the Way to the Room and Clean Everyday

Isolate the room under renovation and keep the way to the room always covered. Especially when the work is of an inner room like a kitchen renovation Toronto. Build a path using canvas tarps. Keep a separate path for the workers working on the project if possible. Avoid using that way as much as possible so that the dust doesn’t go to any other rooms. When it comes to bathroom renovation Toronto, you can isolate even the room the bathroom is in. At the end of each day’s work shake the dust off and clean the space.

Keep the Windows Open

Keeping the windows and window screens open not only provides ventilation to the room but also keeps the dust from getting accumulated. This makes your part in cleaning work much easier.