Basement Renovations

Why Winter is the Best Season for Waterproofing Basement?

Most people believe that basement leaks only happen during the rainy season, and until then they are safe which is absolutely not true. People think that they are safe until there’s snow. But eventually, the ice is going to melt!

Foundation Cracks

Though nowadays people plan home renovations Toronto in winter, waterproofing the basement during the season is not as much popular as it is in the spring or the summer seasons. Toronto’s winter is marked by alternating thawing and freezing snow. It is very much capable of creating foundation cracks and enlarge the already existing ones. So, it does not take much time for you to eventually find a leak in your basement!

Basement is Prone to Wetness and Moisture

The fact is that spending your winter days waterproofing your basement or any kind of basement renovations is not a very appealing idea. However, it is worth your time and energy. Basements are prone to wetness and Moisture development. Water can easily make its way through even the smallest cracks in your basement and in no time will you find the molds on your basement walls and roof. It also causes structural damages, decay, and other moisture-related problems.

Temperature Matters

The temperature outside may drop below the subzero level. But the soil temperature outside the basement walls remains around 52° F.  The low outdoor humidity combined with heating in the basement helps the concrete to dry out thoroughly and quickly. Moreover, filling any already existing cracks on the walls or slabs is much easier in winter when they do not have actively leaking water.

Keep the Drainage Clean

Making sure that your drainage works properly is one of the easiest ways of waterproofing your basement. Leaves from the fall and debris from winter can get accumulated in your drainage system. This increases the chances of cracks and leaks in the basement.